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who i am

jack of hearts

my name is jay and i'm a graduate of the academy of interactive entertainment down in seattle.

i specialize in game programming but touch on art occasionally.
i'm always looking for new projects and things to learn!

i specialize in UI and tooling, specifically in the unity3d engine.
i love games of all types and genres, but my current favorites are: story-rich games, exploration-based games, and rhythm games!

what i've done

discarded title card

play as a toy brought to life in a world without humans and fight other toys to steal their parts and overcome the manic qing!

wiz-kid title card

play as a fledgling mage working their way through a series of elemental trials to obtain their wizard staff!

game jams

a collection of short games made for various game jams!

solo projects

proofs of concept, tools, and demos made by me!

recluse title card

play as the cursed monster of a dungeon, slaying travelers who enter for enough coin to pay off a demon and become human.

coming soon

keep an eye out for more on the way!

where to find me

things may look a tad sparse as i continue to build up my presence, so please excuse the dust and redundancy.

for extra quick responses, add me on discord: DreamScaper#6186

email me!

solo projects

💬 jay's visual 💬
dialogue system

jv dialogue is an editor tool focused on making in-game conversations with npcs quick and easy to implement.

it utilizes scriptable objects along with fully custom editors. everything is created to be easy to use by those with little programming experience, but easy to add onto with know-how!

development is ongoing, with a range of new features being considered (and in progress)!

click some of the gifs below to see examples of jvd in action

🍃 snirt garden 🍃

snirt garden is a small-scale creature editor.
pick from a variety of parts and color them freely, then save your favorites and load them whenever you want!

lets jam!

☕ woodland cafe ☕

dec 14th 2020 - dec 16th 2020
you are the owner of a quaint little animal cafe. talk to and serve the customers to form meaningful friendships before the end of your shift!

📻 dial spiral 📻

may 4th 2020 - may 6th 2020
a mysterious force has left you fleeing into a radio tower for help! follow careful instructions to guide a rescue team to save yourself.

🎃 pumpkin smash 🎃

dec 16th 2019 - dec 18th 2019
halloween has come again. protect your pumpkin family for as long as you can against an infinite onslaught of kids coming to carve out your bretheren!


you might have found this page before it was ready for actual implementation, in which case, Whoops!

this is a placeholder (for now).
later it will be the directory for any NotITG files i've made or helped make, but for now, i cant share that info (top secret)

play as a fledgling mage working their way through a series of trials to obtain their wizard staff! unable to channel your spells, every attack you fire will also hurt you!

as the wiz-kid starts with no staff to channel their magic through, all your spells cost health instead of mana.

you'll have to traverse your way through three procedurally generated floors of challenging monsters to get a shot at claiming what is rightfully yours! but what really awaits you at the end?...


  • health in the place of mana- battles become a game of carefully managing damage output and healing quickly.

  • panic mode- when your health drops to 0, you have five seconds before dying to heal, or use an unlimited amount of spells

  • 3 unique elemental skills with upgrades- each spell covers a different utility, and combining them offers a range of playstyles

  • procedurally generated environments- each run of the game feels fresh! Randomizes enemies, props, and even your starting floor.

  • a horde of colorful and dangerous monsters to slay- some creatures have elemental affinity... use your spells wisely!


◆ wiz-kid ◆


wiz-kid was completed by a 10 person team for AIE seattle's minor production (1st year) project. the project was created entirely remotely over the course of 8 weeks, from may 11th to july 1st 2020.

in spite of being remote, our team was very diligent about being in calls and on deck at every moment to maximize communication!

after the end of our first year, our team decided to continue polishing and adding content to wiz-kid to make it the best it could possibly be! check back here for updates!


  • created script for the player controller (camera follow, movement, spell switching, and spell casting).

  • initial creation of the spell system and elements scriptable objects, as well as the first iterations of the player's spells.

  • created scripts for all procedurally generated elements for the game (floors, enemy spawns, prop spawns, fruit spawns).

  • implemented all menu art and arranged all in-game menus and ui. created ui animations and scripts for interactable ui objects.

  • scripted simple dialogue system which uses scriptable objects for ease of use by the narrative designer.

  • helped with any bug testing/fixing, and also helped to troubleshoot problems with our version control (perforce).

play as the cursed monster of a dungeon, slaying travelers who enter for enough coin to pay off a demon and become human again!

recluse logo

during your travels you have an encounter with a horrifying demon who transforms you into a horrible monster for fun!

now, having locked yourself inside a dungeon's cellar, you must prey on all the adventurers coming to slay you and collect their precious treasure. collect enough before a week passes, and you may be able to pay the demon enough to become human once more...


  • a horde of monstrous skills- counter foes with web slinging, crawling on walls, and using deadly fang attacks!

  • fight for treasure- your health is also the treasure you earn! your enemies will steal it when they hit you, but you can kill them to get it back! collect enough and...

  • upgrade your skills- between each in-game day you can spend your precious coin on valuables skills to get stronger. or...

  • hoard it all!- collect enough money before the end of the 7th day and the demon will change you back! or so you suppose...


🕷 recluse 🕷


recluse was made by a 5 person team at sno-isle tech. it was created in 3 months, from march to may 2018.

at the time, for nearly all the team this had been the biggest project we'd worked on to date.

at the end of development, recluse was presented to a panel of judges along with other projects from the same class. recluse took the 1st place spot and our team went to a state competition that included a handful of other skills-center team games.
recluse took 1st place at this competition too!

a "remastered" version was in the works for iFest 2019, though ultimately it ended up being some nice quality of life changes.


  • created script for the enemies spawning over multiple waves, and over multiple days. also designed the encounters for each wave.

  • imported many art assets, and set up animation controllers and states for every animated object. integrated anims with scripts.

  • created some art assets, including: level props (cobwebs, chains, skull, and coin-pile), and all boss sprites (including portrait).

presentaion video

this is a short video of our team presenting our game at the state "super showcase"! cheats are used mid-way to speed up the process of getting to the end.

🃠 discarded 🃠

play as a toy brought to life in a world without humans and fight other toys to steal their parts and overcome the manic qing! only you, the next of qin, will be able to try to usurp them...

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maybe make it around 5 lines. if you can? maybe theres not much to talk about because its a short game but thats okay!


  • try to get in a few good bullet points- plus a small description after the listed feature, just like this. fill to the margin

  • aim for around 4-5 bullet points- more feels like too much all at once but less makes the page seem sparse.


🃠 discarded 🃠


discarded was completed by an 11 person team for AIE seattle's major production (2nd year) project. the project was created entirely remotely over the course of 4 months, from march 1st to july 7th 2021.



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